A beautifully furnished outdoor living area is a must for entertaining family and friends in comfort and style! Our contemporary range of teak outdoor furniture is one of the best choices to furnish your outdoor living space.

At Bali Republic, we have the ideal furnishing for the Australian domestic or commercial markets. You will find everything from high-quality outdoor tables and garden bench seats, to sunloungers and side table, to outdoor chairs and modular sofa settings to suit your home or project. 

Bali Republic is a leading manufacturer of designer outdoor furniture in Adelaide. Our contemporary outdoor sofas, loungers, and benches are the best place to unwind and relax on the weekend. Get the most out of your outdoor living space this season with our intuitively designed contemporary outdoor furniture for Adelaide. Our teak outdoor tables are perfect for enjoying long weekend lunches in the company of family and friends.

Our outdoor furniture is made from premium quality and eco-friendly materials such as grade A and reclaimed teak sourced from certified plantations. Since we only use superior timber, you can rest assured about the durability of our teak furniture - quite simply it's the best in the world!

Teak is a tropical hardwood used for manufacturing a variety of furniture items. The best thing about our outdoor furniture is its ability to withstand a variety of weather elements. Teak furniture has been known to last a lifetime which is the principle reason that it is the most highly desired material for outdoor furniture and is regarded as a status symbol by many. Our furniture pieces are specially crafted for outdoor settings in Adelaide. Teak furniture is a long term investment. Its quality and beauty will easily bring your garden or patio to life. Place your garden bench seat strategically on the grass or near the flowering garden beds, and enjoy the beauty of nature while you relax and unwind with a cup of tea or coffee.

Want to entertain your guests in your patio or garden? You need quality hardwood outdoor tables and chairs. Bali Republic is the best place to buy contemporary outdoor furniture in Adelaide. Each item in our selection is made from the finest quality timber. It will maintain its looks and quality. Check out our state-of-the-art online showroom to see a wide selection of modern outdoor furniture and if you need help with choosing the right outdoor furniture for your outdoor space, then please contact one of our friendly outdoor furniture specialists who will discuss what options are best suited. Our furniture pieces retain the raw beauty of teak and look absolutely stunning for any outdoor environment. We offer extensive warranties for residential and commercial applications because we stand by the quality of our outdoor furniture.