Our commitment to the responsible sourcing of teak

At Bali Republic, we take great pride in delivering the finest quality teak available in the world to our customers around Australia. Furthermore, the teak we use in the creation of our modern outdoor furniture is responsibly sourced from FSC certified teak plantations throughout Indonesia.

A core value at Bali Republic is "sustainability", in fact, it is a value that sits very high up on the list, as we strongly believe we should leave the world in a better position than we found it in for future generations to enjoy with the same principle in mind.

Delivering on a sustainable approach to sourcing premium grade A plantation teak presents challenges for businesses like ourselves to weigh up i.e. higher material costs, legitimacy of plantations accreditation, etc., however we are steadfast in our one eyed approach to only manufacturing sustainably sourced teak outdoor furniture.

Over recent years, climate change has been a hot topic of debate and has, in our eyes, increased consumer awareness and demand for sustainably produced products - particularly teak furniture. Time and time again we hear questions from prospective customers about where our teak outdoor furniture is sourced, so we know our target market is on the same page with us when it comes to sustainability and it provides us with additional motivation to make sure the commitment we make to eco-friendly materials is upheld.

It is sad in this day and age that indiscriminate deforestation remains common practice throughout parts of Indonesia and you have to ask yourself why? Clearly demand for cheaper materials is driving deforestation in Indonesia and businesses around the globe are the main reason for this - clearly their bottom line is more important than implementing sustainable business practices which is disappointing.

All of our premium grade A plantation teak outdoor furniture at Bali Republic is manufactured using teak sourced from FCS certified teak plantations in Indonesia. FCS is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. Look for timber products (not just teak) that carry the following FSC logo - 


Whether you are a business or consumer, we can all play a role in making a positive impact on the responsible sourcing of teakwood and put and end to indiscriminate, and sometimes illegal, deforestation in Indonesia and across the globe.

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