Beautiful Sustainable Teak

It's little wonder that teak is the most sought after hardwood for outdoor furniture use given it's durability and weather resistant properties - no other timber comes close to matching teak when used in outdoor situations.

At Bali Republic, we place a huge importance on sourcing sustainable materials and in particular responsible sourcing of teak from accredited teak plantations. Deforestation of old growth teak continues to be a significant problem in southeast Asia however has improved over recent years with the ever growing popularity of teak encouraging more and more teak plantations throughout Indonesia which are controlled by state owned forest enterprise Perum Perhutani.

All of the grade A teak used in the production of our outdoor furniture strictly comes from Perum Perhutani teak plantations and rivals the best quality teakwood that can be found anywhere on the planet. Many of these sustainable teak plantations can be found on the island of Java, Indonesia and is why we have set-up manufacturing operations in this region.

 Bali Republic Grade A Plantation Teak

Another great example of our commitment to the environment through sustainable material sourcing is the use of reclaimed teak which we use in our Uluwatu and Tembok ranges. Reclaimed teak is 100% recycled from teak hardwood that would have otherwise been thrown out. Reclaimed teak is sourced from old buildings, wharfs, railroad tracks, etc and is completely restored for use in our outdoor furniture. Reclaimed teak differs greatly from our grade A plantation teak. Because reclaimed teak has been fully restored from pervious uses, it has a weathered finish and individual characteristics, meaning no two pieces will be the same.

Bali Republic Reclaimed Teak

At Bali Republic, responsibly sourcing all teakwood in an environmentally sustainable way, will always be of great importance to us.

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