Masterclass - 6 Barbecuing Secrets Revealed

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, it’s time to dust off the barbeque and get cooking! In this article, we’ll show you how to get the best cooking results using your barbeque that will be sure to have your family and friends impressed.

Becoming a master barbecuer needs some concentration and that can be a difficult thing to do when all you want to do is crack a beer and talk with your friends – before you know it, that once sumptuous porterhouse steak now resembles something out of a firestorm. With a little care and applying some of the following tips, we can all become master barbequers.

The first, and somewhat obvious tip, is choosing the right barbeque. Charcoal barbeques beat gas barbeques hands down when it comes to smoky flavour. You’ll also want a barbeque with a lid as this locks in the flavour, maintains a consistent heat and allows for additional barbequing techniques such as smoking ribs or melting cheese on hamburgers.

Our second tip is to make sure the temperature is spot on and that takes patience and concentration, particularly if using a charcoal barbeque. Typically you will be cooking more than one type of meat and will therefore require different temperatures – we suggest the half / half technique whereby you push the coals to one half of the hot plate which becomes the “extra” hot side.

Our third tip is to invest in the right barbeque tools, which will make flipping, turning and moving around the barbeque a synch instead ending up on the ground for Rover to mop up that $15 steak!

Our fourth tip is to marinade! We all know the phrase “leave for a few hours, best overnight” well this applies even more so when it comes to maximizing flavour when barbequing. Even save some of that left over marinade and brush on to the meat every five minutes or so which will help retain moisture and, more importantly, add flavour!

Our fifth tip is that barbeques aren’t just about meat; don’t forget vegetables can be done amazingly well over a flame grill. Simply slice and immediately throw onto a flame grill and add a good quality olive oil and season to taste once cooked.

Our final tip is not to forget side dishes, which are a critical element to all great barbeque meals. Of course there are your traditional salads, which you can roll out, but there are also some tasty sides, which can be done on the barbeque such as corn on the cob over a flame grill, or a traditional flatbread, which are great for mopping up with.

So there you have it, 6 fantastic tips to help you on your way to becoming a master barbeque.