Enjoy the soothing spring weather in your outdoor area, with the latest trends in outdoor furniture.

As the cooler months of winter come to an end, spring is in the air providing a great opportunity to entertain outdoors. Each new season brings new trends in outdoor furniture. However, great design and premium quality remain as timeless and paramount when choosing to update your outdoor living space.

Owning great outdoor furniture, can really define your homes characteristics, as your outdoor area will be the ideal social environment that family and friends will ultimately enjoy.  

Here are our top ideas on setting up the ideal outdoor area at your home and the top trends for 2016.

1. Analyse your outdoor area before selecting your furniture.

This is somewhat of a no brainer, but certain facts must be considered and looked into before selecting your furniture and their outdoor placements. If you want your outdoor set up to have somewhat of a modern or contemporary appearance, then choosing the right style of furniture should remain a priority. The general ambience from the outdoor living area should reflect on your personality and the mood of your entire home.

2. A contemporary and modern set up for your outdoor area, which family and friends will enjoy.

If you want to transform your home into a “go to” social gathering site for your family and friends, then it’s integral to pick the right outdoor furniture for comfort and style. This spring, Bali Republic offers the latest designs in outdoor furniture and accessories.

One thing that must be considered is a great outdoor table. During your time spent outdoors entertaining guests, the outdoor dining table remains a focal piece as most of your furniture is centred on it.

The Uluwatu outdoor table comes in different varieties and is made up of quality stainless steel and premium quality reclaimed teak, which has been recycled from previous uses. It has both a modern yet sturdy appearance as its simplistic design harbours certain modern traits that can contribute to the trendy appearance of your outdoor living space. The Tembok 8 seat outdoor dining setting consists of a table made of solid reclaimed teak hardwood and is extremely durable with eight quality-crafted chairs.

Alternatively, if your outdoor living space were more alfresco, an outdoor lounge setting would be better suited. Bali Republic has a range of stylish and high quality outdoor lounges to choose from.

The Uluwatu 6 Seat Outdoor Dining Setting

The Uluwatu 6 Seat Outdoor Dining Setting

3. Modern furniture designed to serve their purpose at the highest level of standards.  

In this day and age, not all outdoor furniture is designed with the longevity and quality materials in mind. At Bali Republic we offer you a 5-year warranty for any purchased goods when used in residential applications. The Uluwatu outdoor chair has the same materials to its table counterpart. Its strong stainless steel legs, not only serve as a durable factor, but also give it a slick modern appearance that injects industrial style into your outdoor living space. The rustic exterior of reclaimed teak makes coupled with the stainless steel frame give the Uluwatu range a real edginess that will be the envy of your family and friends.

When choosing the pieces of furniture that make up your outdoor area keep in mind the quality and design of your materials. Price shouldn’t be the only consideration. Also, pay attention for quality of materials and design. After all, your outdoor furniture will need to stand the harsh Australian weather conditions. We make sure all of our products are manufactured to the highest standard and are designed to last.

Uluwatu Outdoor Chair

The stainless steel legs of our Uluwatu Outdoor Chair give it a sturdy durable aspect.

4. Keeping up with modern trends.

Trends come and go every season. One day it’s in and the next day it’s out. Your outdoor living space should remain timeless and this can be achieved by picking quality furniture that transcends all seasons. However, this doesn’t mean you need to forgo all styling decisions based upon remaining timeless. Updating your outdoor living space can be achieved by implementing select trendy pieces while refraining from giving your entire space a makeover.

For this season, more and more people are opting for stainless steel outdoor furniture. Provided the steel has a matted finish with some texture, stainless steel isn’t just reserved for the industrial world. Stainless steel furniture provides an opportunity to create an ultra-modern and sleek appeal to your outdoor living space, especially when paired with teak tables and chairs. This provides a great unity between both natural and modern aesthetics.

With the eternal charm of wood, the timeless appeal will remain a staple in all outdoor living spaces. Natural wood remains as a perfect accent texture with few people opting for painted finishes. Used in conjunction with materials such as glass and metal, investing in quality wood finished furniture can help add the perfect natural touch. Materials such as teak wood are proven to be sturdy and durable amidst harsh weather conditions.

The easiest way to stay trendy can be as simple as changing out your décor every season. Gearing into spring, bold colours that blend in with the landscape has surged in popularity. Paired with exotic prints, achieving a vibrant colour palette in your outdoor living space is as easy as finding cushions or table runners. Switching out décor is the easiest way to remain on trend without breaking the bank. Ensure all your furniture has a minimalistic and modern appeal to make pairing easier.

Outdoor Dinning Setting - NUSA DUA 6 Seat Setting

RENON / NUSA DUA 6 Seat Outdoor Dining Setting

5. We can help with your decision!

While it is ideal to focus on the décor of your outdoor set, we understand it can be quite a challenge when it comes to making the right decision for your outdoor setup. As the experts in outdoor furniture and accessories, we can assist you make the right decision and provide you with the necessary information to get the right look for your outdoor area.

If you’re on the lookout for modern, contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories and would like free advice on the best furniture for your outdoor space, please contact us or click here.