Choosing Plants for Your Outdoor Space

Do you have an outdoor area and you aren’t sure what to include in the space to give it life, energy, and visual appeal? It can be difficult to know what to include when it comes to incorporating plants for your outdoor space if you have little gardening experience. The choices are harder when the space is small and condensed, and if you only have a small amount of patio or garden to impress your guests with and spend your time.

In this article, we will give some suggestions about what plant life to include in your outdoor space – whether it is large with a pool, or small with just a few square meters to play with, we will offer a solution for you.

Large Spaces

A large outdoor space is a joy to work with from a landscaping and design point of view because there is so much space for various types of plants and small trees. Sometimes the difficulty with large spaces is that they can become easy targets for noisy neighbours due to the extensive space. One way to combat this is with large trees that grow up and over your dividing fence, blocking the view of your garden from noisy neighbours.

Planting a living fence in the form of an evergreen tree or shrub can provide year-round seclusion. You need to pay attention to the width between each shrub during the initial planting phase because as they mature they will begin to grow into each other if you do not provide enough equal distance between each shrub. Evergreens need a lot of sunlight so ensure they are receiving at least 6 hours of sun per day.

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the right evergreens for your space but it does all come down to factors such as: amount of sunlight, amount of rain, soil type, height/space you have, and how quickly you want the living fence to grow.  

Options include:

  • Camellias – a winter-blooming evergreen shrub that produces white blooms. The blooms are perfumed and the leaves are glossy. The variety grows about 5-foot tall. The Camellia is chosen as a living fence because it keeps its foliage throughout the year.
  • Afterglow Winterberry – This is a 3-6 foot tall shrub that is perfect as a hedge or border plant. It has deep green leaves and orange/red berries that last through winter generally speaking. Thinking of this option? The Afterglow Winterberry needs lots of sun so make sure it is in a sunny area.
  • Korean Azalea – the Korean Azalea is perfect for a shady environment. It even tolerates dry soil and drought conditions. Growing between 3-6 feet tall with plenty of green foliage and the occasional ornamental berry, the Korean Azalea is a relatively easy plant to grow, particularly due to the fact it can grow in locations with not much direct sunlight.


If a significant portion of your backyard space is taken up by a pool and the necessary outdoor furniture such as occasional chairs and sunloungers that go along with this, you will need to make a concerted effort to incorporate relatively relaxed and simple plants into the space, so as not to distract from the pool. You will, however, want some sort of plant life, as it will be able to provide shade as well as a nice contrast to the blue of the water. Plants poolside will need to be able to cope with occasional chlorinated water splashes, they will also need to have access to sun exposure and be able to grow in a non-dry environment. Finally, it is best if your poolside plants don’t have pines or cones as these will fall into the pool, making it messy and a chore to clean.

What else should you incorporate into your poolside area? We like comfortable sunloungers and sturdy contemporary outdoor furniture such as our ULUWATU Sunlounger – perfect for long, relaxing days by the pool thanks to its comfy cushion with built-in headrest.


Small Patios


Don’t have much space? Give the illusion of space with a range of climbers or creepers for rapid and extended coverage. If you are going to opt for covering some areas of your outdoor space with nature, be sure there is ample sunlight, as well as options for shade and shelter.

Small areas benefit from small features that won’t overcrowd the space. Think small pot plants, bar stools and bar tables that make use of height rather than width. We like the idea of Australian natives in small outdoor spaces, as well as creating little escape nooks with comfy and cosy seating. This will also help with dividing up the space and creating specific zones for relaxing, entertaining, etc.

The perfect cosy reading chair from the Bali Republic range is our Jimbaran Outdoor Arm Chair.


After something perfect for entertaining a group of friends but don’t have the space for one of our 6+ people outdoor settings? Our Uluwatu outdoor bar setting will complete your outdoor space perfectly. Your outdoor area will be given a cosy bar/relaxed restaurant feel, perfect for entertaining a group of friends on the weekend.

Adorning a Pergola

Want pergola coverage in the quickest time possible? If this is a priority then consider something like a honeysuckle (Clematis Montana) that is attractive and fast growing but also not as invasive as other types.

Want something with bright and attractive flowers? The fast growing Chilean glory flower is a vine that thrives from late spring to autumn when it blooms red/yellow flowers. You will need fertile soil and full sun available for this vine to climb to its full potential.

Of course what will really set an outdoor space off is the culmination of beautiful plants, flowers, landscaping, and modern outdoor furniture that is built to last and looks attractive. Contact Bali Republic if you are looking for modern outdoor settings or pieces to really accentuate your outdoor space.