Maintaining Your Teak Furniture Settings

When it comes to outdoor furniture, a large number of people prefer choosing teak as the material for their designs. This type of timber can withstand almost all elements and has a strong durability due to its presence of natural oils. Teak can be expensive. Due to its costs, using teak for furniture is regularly considered as a ‘status symbol’. Several people consider teak furniture as an heirloom and pass it down through generations.

An Overview

Teak is a hardwood tree of the species ‘Tectona Grandis’. The word ‘teak’ is derived from ‘tekku’ in Tamil, ‘thekku’ in Malayalam, and ‘teca’ in Portuguese. It is frequently considered the king of hardwoods and is one of the most valuable timbers. The timber has supreme opulent beauty and is more durable than any other type of wood. In the ancient Burmese and Thai cultures, the tree was considered to be royalty.

The tree contains natural oils and rubbers, which allow it to withstand almost every kind of weather. This has made it the pillar of the building industry. The timber is capable of resisting splintering, warping, and rotting. It is used for numerous purposes such as shipbuilding, fine furniture, window and doorframes, quays, bridges, flooring, and more. A significant property of teak is its exceptionally good dimensional ability. It has distinctive colours, which range from olive to yellowish grey or moderate brown.

The Best Choice

One of the main reasons that teak is the best choice for outdoor furniture is that it lasts for a lifetime. Good quality teak products are known to last for an average of 75 years. As it can be considered a premium material, teak can be expensive. Grade A is the best quality of teak available; the trees are at least 45 years old. The older the teak tree; the higher the concentration of oil, which protects the tree, meaning it is more durable and thus adding to the end cost of the product. Some of the trees are less expensive as they are less than 15 years old; however; products made from these trees are incapable of lasting a lifetime. One can tell if the teak being used is of Grade-A quality as it is generally heavier than lower quality trees.

Due to the popularity of teak as a material, the trees are generally grown with the environment in mind. That is, a vast majority of teak is sourced from responsibly managed forests. The trees are scientifically cultivated and harvested, helping support the cause of environmental sustainability.

Easy To Care For

Teak furniture is easy to maintain, making it possible to choose it for your outdoor spaces. It is possible to maintain the pristine condition of the furniture in outdoor spaces with minimum effort. With the passage of time, the wood begins to turn grey. To keep it looking new you can take the following steps:

  1. Use a brush to clean the furniture on regular occasions
  2. To loosen and remove dirt a mild mixture of soap and water can be used
  3. Grease stains on the furniture can be removed by using a commercial grade teak cleaner. It is always better to ask the manufacturer of your furniture to recommend a certain brand.
  4. Depending on your preference of the appearance of your furniture, you can choose a commercial grade cleaner. Some cleaners are capable of restoring the furniture to its original colour.
  5. To restore a golden brown colour, the wood can be polished.
  6. If you want to maintain the colour from the moment of purchase, its best to use a sealant from the start. All you need to do is apply the oil at regular intervals.
  7. If you prefer to have your furniture staying an aged, silvery grey colour, you can always use a clear finish once the desired grey colour has set in.
  8. Teak is capable of resisting decay or rotting. However, to ensure no harm comes to the furniture, it is advised that one prevents water from collecting on the seat or around the legs. If there are spills, you can use a soft dusting cloth to clean the furniture.
  9. If the teak is of premium quality, using a water-based product is recommended.
  10. To remove marks on the furniture, you can always use a soft bristled scrubbing brush with some soapy water.
  11. You can also keep your teak furniture healthy by sanding the furniture and applying a fresh coat of protective finish.
  12. Over a period of time, the wood may develop slight cracks. This natural occurrence is known as ‘checking’. This has no effect on the stability or the structural integrity of the furniture. Eventually the cracks even out, appealing to many as it can add more character to the furniture.

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