In Focus - Urecel QuickDry Cushions

At Bali Republic, we only use the very best quality materials in the production of our luxurious outdoor furniture range. When it comes to outdoor cushions, the most highly regarded and sought after all round performing cushion in the world is Urecel QuickDry. No other foam insert on the market is more in demand by designers around the world, whether it be for a new luxury hotel or a super yacht cruising around in the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately most inner cushion foam inserts sold in Australia are promoted for "outdoor use" when it actual fact they just don't cut it when it comes to withstanding our harsh climate. Urecel QuickDry has been specifically engineered to preform better in all conditions for a number of key reasons.

1. Urecel QuickDry foam is manufactured using an advanced technique called "Hydro-Blast Reticulation" to create a superior foam with extreme durability and strength.

2. Through developed and advanced manufacturing techniques, Urecel QuickDry foam has a unique porous open-cell structure which comprehensively outperforms all closed-cell, regular foams on the market. The large pores found in Urecel QuickDry foam allow water to drain extremely quickly which allows air to circulate freely and, more importantly, continuously.

3. Urecel QuickDry foam is quite simply more comfortable. It's strength and durability mean that the foams keeps its shape for significantly longer which is a n important consideration for cushions in general.

4. "Uregard" is a anti-microbial technology that prevents the growth of moulds and fungus and is built into every Urecel QuickDry cushion.

There's no doubt that Urecel QuickDry is the most technologically advanced cushion foam insert on the market by quite some margin and is why we choose to use it in the production of our premium outdoor cushions. Combine Urecel QuickDry with Sunbrella fabrics and you've got the best outdoor cushion that money can buy.

Here's a great video clip we came across courtesy of Urecel's website which is well worth a look. 


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